chalk art

Knomad Signs & Graphics has developed Chalk Art over the past 21 years to provide a unique creative style which is smudge free and easy to clean. All boards are designed and custom made to suit your needs. We also provide a huge range of frames for all our chalkboards. We make the boards simple to make any price changes and we provide an onsite chalkart service for customers with existing boards.

  • Chalkart Menu Boards
  • Pub Chalkart
  • Promo Chalkart
  • Special Boards
  • Black & White Chalkart
  • Onsite Chalkart
  • Wall Murels
  • Digitally Printed Chalkart
  • A-Frame Chalkart

We deliver Australia wide so check out our gallery below and give us a call on (02) 9972 3833 or send us an email from our Enquiries page.

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