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Make a great impression with everyone who walks in your door and looks at your menu board.  The menu board is the window to your kitchen and when customers are ordering their food, they are making a connection to how your menu board looks to what will be delivered once the meal is cooked.

We have been designing and manufacturing menu boards for over 25 years and we have developed some fantastic styling and designs to make the ordering experience simple and appealing. There are a number of factors you need to take into account when designing your boards or screens.
•    Don’t make the menu board to busy with long description
•    Create spacing between each item to make easy on the eye when navigating.
•    Highlight headings and sub headings 
•    Make items and pricing easy to connect so your customer knows what they are paying and receiving.

When following these rules your half way there to getting a great menu board. The other factors you need to remember is that you want to use the right materials for the right job.

•    For hot areas you need to use the right vinyls and materials to avoid any bubbling , peeling or cracking
•    We make it easy for you to make menu or price changes.
•    Our boards are finished off with a Matte Laminate so they are easy to clean and maintain longevity

Below are some examples of finished menu boards we have done over the years for you to check out. Also if you are looking for a quote give us a call to discuss your needs so we can come up with the best solution for your job.

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