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Lasercutting and routing gives your logo that 3D look. We have a wide range of materials, thickness and styles to suit your business needs. Materials include acrylic, timber, brass, stainless steel, linished steel, copper, perspex and anodized aluminium. The combination of different materials and thicknesses can make for some creative displays of your logo.

We will provide you with a one on one service, so our team will work closely with you in helping with any questions you may have in regards to materials used, colour matching, sizing, timing and installation. We pride ourselves on making the signage process simple so you have no hiden surprises once complete.

A few simple steps to get the ball rolling.

Attach a photo of a style you like below, your logo, a photo of where you would like the sign and if possible a size

We provide a full colour layout, a positional overlay on photo supplied and material examples for your reference.

This includes the fabrication of the logo using the materials approved from the design process.


Once the sign is complete we organise a time that suits you for our installers to come and put up your sign.

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